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Travelling on a Budget; The Ultimate Guide

Desperate to Wander; Travelling on a Budget

It’s a bitter pill to swallow; scrolling down your social media feed, seeing people in the sun with giant flamingo inflatables. Some times you just don’t have the time or energy to hunt down a Holiday a year in advance. Though it can be stressful. It is fun and refreshing to book last minute holidays, whether they be short breaks away, or fully fledged beach holidays. If you master the art of last minute breaks, you can also snatch some pretty good deals and save a hefty chunk of change. That’s why I’m hoping to share the best ways to travel big on a shoestring. I hope you enjoy my guide to travelling on a budget

Exploring during a recent Budget Holiday

How to Book Last Minute Holiday Packages

It’s easy to fall into the trap of relying on big names to organise your holiday. They are popular for a reason after all, they get the job done and have criteria in place to ensure that any hotel; no matter where or at what price, is suitable for their customer.

Meaning the likelihood of nasty surprises and disappointments whilst on holiday, are almost cut in half.

However, these packages although they do seem easier, can also be much more expensive and for someone who may be on a smaller budget, they may be disheartened by the possibility of not being able to afford that much needed break away.

That’s why I’ve put together my favourite tips to get you, on your way to sunny climates.

My Water Tight Tips for Travelling on a Budget

When considering Booking a holiday with these companies, whilst travelling on a budget, ensure you have your selected dates in mind. Maybe two weeks before your dates, jump online and check for any last minute deals.

This is a great way to save money, but it’s also an amazing way to get travel inspiration, as some of the deals may be beautiful hotels, in locations that you had never considered looking at before.

Before booking anything, scour your favourite search engine for voucher codes and deals. TUI often have Friday to Monday deals every weekend, which can include up to £200 off your holiday booking. So bare that in mind. It always pays to take a few minutes to check for these things, you’ll be surprised how frequent these discounts are floating around. So keep your eyes peeled, You may just regret it, if you don’t.

Following these tips is a good way to enjoy the savings and spontaneity of a last minute deal, whilst also ensuring your holiday is still as relaxing as possible. As your chosen company whether that be Hays, TUI , Thomas Cook etc, will have all the fine details sorted for you. Now all you have to worry about is what outfit you’re going to wear around the pool each day.

Conclusive Tips- Don’t forget

Passport Ready

Dates in mind

Be Open-minded

Splitting the Bill- Booking Flights & Accommodation Separately

I’d say my personal favourite way of pinning down a holiday deal, is through booking accommodation and travel aspects, separately. This way you have more control over your time and dates, and can also have access to options that may be less obvious if looking through already pre-groomed big brand sites.

Sky Scanner & Flight Comparison sites

SkyScanner is a great way to find dirt cheap flights. Personally I love to sit when I’m bored, write in whatever dates I’m considering going away for, and peruse the many obscure and beautiful options, right there on the Sky Scanner app.

You may have never thought of visiting Valencia or Romania, but often the smaller prices, open up a whole new realm of possibilities. When travelling on a Budget, there are still beautiful destinations to be experienced.

Once you’ve bagged yourself a cheap flight, now you need somewhere to rest your head. So stick a pin the your flights for a second, and open up another tab.

Travelling on a Budget- Accommodation Tips

When it comes to matching some Budget Accommodation for your selected Holiday destination- my two main recommendations which may sound awfully obvious, are and Airbnb.

For the record; and let me say this loud and clear. Don’t be shy with that low-to-high button. Cheap by no means, equates to being bad. You just need to figure out what you want from your accommodation. I would also recommend filtering these sites such as, with the star rating filter. So you can see the cheapest 4 star hotels available in Crete for instance.

Bargain prices, with beautiful outcomes. Easily understandable reviews and information, all in one place, whilst still being protected by Making for a reliable holiday selection process.

The Art of Airbnb

Airbnb is also a minefield for stunning accommodation. You are in control of what you’d like from your holiday, as you can handpick from a list of properties and facilities. Do you want a Villa? Or an apartment with a private balcony and Jacuzzi? Would you like to be on the beach front, in the centre of a City? Or would you prefer to be woken up by birds and sunlight in the countryside?

You can decide. Just be sure to make sure your dates match up with your flights, and don’t be afraid to ask the host questions before placing any bookings, they are usually very eager to please potential guests.

Then once that’s all booked. You can then either book transfers;

I recommend a company called Hopper, they’re usually pretty reliable and cheap, or you can rent a car with a local company. Ensuring you have even more control and freedom, over how your trip pans out.

More Travel Tips for Travelling on a Budget

-Use those sorting tools and filters

-Be strict with your necessities

-But be willing to compromise, depending on what you find and what your budget may be

-Trawl reviews and Trip advisor where possible. These are great to get a grasp of the real quality of accommodation but it is also a treasure trove of advice and useful tips for any future guests, hoping to explore their accommodations surrounding areas.

Beautiful sites in Menorca- from a recent last minute holiday away

Preparation! Yes, I said it Be Prepared!

Just as Scar says, you have to be prepared. When deciding you want to go on holiday and you want to do it now. The important thing, is to be ready and collected.

Have summer clothes ready, but also ensure you have some money in the bank and you have your dates in check.

Triple check your passport is up to date and you know exactly where you left it.

The suitcase is out of the loft and has been dusted.

Your flight to your next dream destination could be days away, so don’t let the opportunity pass you by and be prepared. That’s how you get the best deals and the most memorable Holiday moments.

Don’t Rule Out a Stay-Cation

Finally, though it’s often the goal to go to the most tropical place and get the deepest tan. It’s also possible to have great holidays, right in your home country.

When budgets are low and stress is high, how about splurging on a last minute spa weekend, or using Airbnb or, to find a lodge in the Lake District. Or maybe a chain hotel on the seafront. The important thing is that you’re away in a place where you can relax, yet are still travelling on a Budget. Enjoy a refreshing atmosphere and hopefully if you’re lucky grab some beautiful snapshots for your social media.

I hope you enjoyed this post, or that is could be at least slightly useful to someone out there. Let me know if you enjoy this kind of content or if you’d rather not see it again. I’m here for honesty!

Till next time,


P.S. It’s never too late to learn more about travelling on a Budget. Get started now! If you’d like 10% CashBack on your next hotel booking, with, feel free to use my referral code:


If you’d like to check out my own Travel Blogs. Take a look at these. There’ll be more coming very soon, and are great examples of the places you can go whilst travelling on a Budget




11 thoughts on “Travelling on a Budget; The Ultimate Guide

  1. I know how expensive traveling can be. And, while Airbnb is not always cheaper to staying at a hotel, I love the diversity of it and how it supports local people rather than the owner of a long chain of Holiday Inns. Since my aunt runs an Airbnb of her own, I know how thrilled she is to interact and help the guests who stay at her place. You meet some wonderful people traveling!

    1. Yes, I totally get you there! There is something innately adventurous about Airbnb, it feels much more authentic also. Your Aunt sounds like a great hostess, maybe I should pay her a visit on my next trip 🙂

  2. These are such great tips! I’m not a huge traveller but I do love a holiday and it kills me scrolling through social media sometimes and seeing people jet off on so many holidays all the time. I haven’t tried AirB&B yet x


    Great post with great tips for travelling on a budget, I like the post and especially the points that you have mentioned. Your water tight tips for travelling on a budget is great and will helps a lot. Being an open minded is truly vital, whereas Passport is a crucial for travelers and keeping dates in mind will be helpful. Your accommodation tips is amazing. Your suggested accommodation sites i.e. will helps a lot and allows the users to search for the
    cheapest 4 star hotels.

    Really helpful post for travel lovers and thanks for sharing.

  4. Great tips 🙂
    Airbnb is something I like very much because it makes it possible to connect to people and learn about their traditions and ways of life. I had only great experiences.
    Thank you

    1. Thanks Erika!
      You’re definitely right there! There is a sense of personalisation that comes with Airbnb, that you just don’t often find at hotels etc. Makes for a much more enriched trip 🙂

    1. I think like most people, I just want to see the world as much as possible. Our time alive is very limited, I would hate if all I’d had the chance to see is the patch of grass outside my front door step.

      I would love to be able to travel solo at some point but thus far I just haven’t had the confidence or self belief to do so. Travelling is anxiety inducing for me but I think at this point it would be near impossible to do it alone. Some day soon hopefully though. I am working on it!

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