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Getting Rid of Bad Breath- Oral Health with Coeliac Disease

AD | This post contains paid promotion. This product was gifted by Colgate, but all views are my own

Oral health with Coeliac Disease- Getting rid of bad breath 

Coeliac disease hides some extra nasty surprises up its sleeve. Anyone living with the disease will know, the disease doesn’t begin and end with what we can eat. It has an effect on our bowel health, our odds of getting additional autoimmune diseases and even has the potential to contribute to the risk of certain cancers. One additional side effect would also be the impact it has on oral health with Coeliac Disease. Dental health is something that probably doesn’t come to mind immediately when you think of coeliac disease and other autoimmune diseases. But after all our digestive system begins in our mouths, so there is real potential for the health of our mouths to go astray.

“Coeliac disease can cause dental enamel defects, delayed dental development. Patients of all ages have more frequent and severe outbreaks of canker sores. Those not on a gluten-free diet are at greater risk for cancers of the mouth, pharynx and esophagus.”

Celiac Disease Foundation

With that being said, I thought I’d cover some of the precautions I take in order to care for my oral health with coeliac disease.

A Quality Toothpaste

I guess we should start at the product you could probably say is the pinnacle of oral hygiene. Which of course would have to be toothpaste.

I’ve tried a whole lot of toothpastes in my day. Super minty, sensitive teeth, smokers toothpaste and even that mank stuff that tastes like a tube of baking powder. I am very aware of my oral health due to Coeliac, so sometimes I find myself anxious about my breath, constantly having some gum to hand to maintain that minty freshness. But to find a product that relieves that paranoia somewhat, is almost a holy grail moment. When it comes to the best, I’d have to say that the Colgate Advanced Deep Clean does really go beyond, and gives me piece of mind as I go about my day. 

Colgate Advanced Deep Clean- 

What I appreciate about this product is it’s focus on the health of the whole mouth not just those pearly whites. 

“Colgate Total Deep Clean toothpaste has an active cleaning formula with polishing micro-particles: it not only fights plaque between teeth and in all those hard to reach spaces; but also fights bacteria on your tongue, cheeks, and gums for up to 12 hours.”

This Unbeatable 12 hour protection, was and is a huge selling point for me, especially as someone with sensitive teeth. But also as someone who finds themselves brushing their teeth upwards of five times a day to ensure prolonged freshness and protection. Having a quality toothpaste which doesn’t make me feel the need to be obsessive with brushing my teeth means several things. I spend less time brushing my teeth at random intervals throughout the day. I have piece of mind that my teeth are being treated well and my breath is fresh. But ultimately I dont have the urge to brush my teeth after every drink or meal, which of course can actually be counterproductive when it comes to oral health and can do more harm than good. A toothpaste that gets the job done better, is definitely a better call and this one has been working for me currently.

Tongue scraper 

This one is definitely not as scary as it may sound. It is not a medieval torture device and it will not chop off your tongue ( well I don’t think so anyway). A tongue scraper is purely a tool that helps remove the bacteria that lays hiding in your tongue. Bacteria that can, and often does contribute to odour and possible dental issues such as cavities if left to its own devices. 

There’s nothing worse than being paranoid talking to people. Constantly cramming in a chewing gum or a peppermint. Anything to keep the freshness of your breathe at the highest standard. Chewing ferociously between each word, whilst smiling of course. I don’t know which makes my jaw ache more. 

Scraping your tongue regularly, with a medical grade tongue scraper is a surefire way to keep your mouth as healthy as possible. No more chewing five packs of chewing gum a day. Good riddance!!

Homemade Mouthwash Recipe

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

There is something simple that has given me some piece of mind when I start my day. A sure fire way to ward off any cartoonish green stench clouds falling from our lips. 

Essential oils as a breath freshener is basically like a very intense mouthwash but without all the extra cleaning chemicals. (So this also means it is not a substitute for brushing your teeth. But nice try) 

I personally add a few drops of peppermint and tea tree oil to a small glass of water. The peppermint oil  is a great breathe freshener and deodoriser whilst the tea tree oil has antibacterial qualities. Releasing a lot of the gunk that gets caught up in our tongue and cheeks. Places we can often neglect when it comes to dental health. 

So you’ve added your oils to water. Now just swirl them up with a spoon and go ahead with gurgling your holistic mouthwash. Make sure you really push those oils to every corner of your mouth. And just like normal mouthwash, it’s not advisable that you swallow this one either. Spit that out. Make sure you swill with water and hopefully you and your mouth are ready for the day ahead.

I hope this post gives insight into some of the things that Coeliac Disease can hinder within it’s sufferers. Let me know if any of these tips help you.



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