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Hill’s Dog Food- Yummy or Yucky; Charlie’s Review

I’d like you guys to meet someone very special! This is Charlie, but you can call him Charles. Let’s just state the obvious that he is absolutely the cutest thing you’ve ever set eyes upon. Now that’s out the way, Charlie has some burning thoughts to share about his recent transition to Hill’s Dog Food

Charlie likes his food

Introducing Charlie

Charlie is a two year old Bulldog, he is excitable and extremely loving but like many other dogs of his breed, he also has some sensitivities. His skin is extremely sensitive, sometimes turning pink. Charlie’s tummy can be easily upset by rich and wet foods. He also suffers from allergies, where his face can swell up, which I’m sure is even more frightening for him than it is for us. 

That’s why we’re always very cautious when coming to decide on a dog food for Charlie. We try not to change it, in fear of upsetting his stomach or causing any undue stress for him.

Just as for any Pet Owner, it is always difficult to know what’s best for mans best friend. We have their loyalty, their complete and utter trust . Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do with it. If only Dogs could speak aye?!

However, on trying Charlie out on Hill’s Dog Food, (Science Plan, Canine Adult Medium Chicken, in case you were wondering), I feel like I can read Charlie’s mind. I have to say I am so glad we took a risk.

As a Dog Owner sometimes it’s just difficult to know if your Dog is getting everything they need to have a long and healthy life. We love our pets just like our children, so their diet should definitely be just as important. Right?

With Hill’s Dog Food, I’m a lot less worried about the nutrients Charlie is taking in, as the product is formulated to support lean muscle and healthy vital organs. Apparently full of lean proteins and Omega 3. With all the running around that Charlie does on the daily, he needs as much energy as he can get.

I have to say, I’ve never seen this kind of packaging before! A velcro strip which means the bag of food can be closed with ease, really minimises hassle and clean up

Innovative packaging of Hill’s Dog food

Hill’s Dog Food- Any Cons?

Charlie likes to eat, as we all do. So when I saw the size of the Hill’s Dog Food biscuits, I was concerned that he may not get enough bang for his bite. My concern was short lived as the back of the bag has a detailed guide to exactly how much your dog should be having each day, according to their size and weight.

One thing I would say is, I have come across Hill’s Dog Food before at the Vets. Which of course is a positive. Being recommended by the very people who are suppose to have the Health of our pets as their top priority. However, the price is much higher when purchased from my local vet, I understand they’re running a business after all. But the health of your Dog shouldn’t come at an extortionate price.

For that reason I would recommend purchasing the product ‘directly from the horses mouth’ if you will. The price of Hill’s Dog Food is much more reasonable that way and they also have a 100% money back guarantee. Meaning that if you receive your product and maybe it’s just not a good match for your pet. You could try another one of their recommended Science Plan products or get your money back. Definitely an incentive, if you’re struggling to find a food that works for your pets specific needs.

Conclusion- Should you try it?

To conclude, I am very glad Charlie has found a new food that is currently working for him and I can only hope that these positive reactions continue. If you’d like to take a look or are thinking about trying this product yourself, you can find it below

Hill’s Dog Food- Science Plan

Until next time,


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4 thoughts on “Hill’s Dog Food- Yummy or Yucky; Charlie’s Review

  1. Great review Charlie. You’re right, he is very cute! My dog has to have special food too for a condition he’s got. But he’s not picky - he’ll eat everything haha. Always good that certain brands get recommended by the vet too.

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