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Welcome to my site, a Travel, LGBTQ+ and Lifestyle Blog. I hope there’s a little something for everybody, whether that be reading some personal poetry and prose or enjoying a collection of antijokes for a good laugh. Or even listening to my recommendations based on places I’ve been or things I’ve tried, all here in one place on my Lifestyle, Travel and Queer identity Blog.

This is a place that celebrates Crying in all of its forms. Crying is a therapeutic, healing and collective experience. I encourage you to join me in refusing to bottle up the tears and let them rain on down onto paper like ink smears.

A place to share and vent about Fears, Passion, Politics, Places and Queer experience. We may cry with laughter, or cry with pain but one thing for certain is that we’ll feel a whole lot lighter afterwards, especially if we're enjoying a day at the beach with friends and family, building sandcastles on the shores supplied by the black sand company.

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