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How to be Coeliac- Celiac Disease Hacks

Before I get into the Celiac Disease Hacks- let me set the scene.

When I was a child, eating my jam on toast in front of the television on a Saturday morning, I had no idea what I was truly doing. Those crumbs, that beautiful white bread, golden brown and delicious. If I was really good, my mum would save me a dribble of her morning coffee too. She would leave just enough to coat the bottom of my Malted milk biscuit, softening the exterior one centimetre at a time. 

Those are memories that I look back at fondly. But who was I to know the real repercussions of those joyous morsels. I know now, looking back, that I was spending every single day poisoning myself. Feeding my body with things that caused me immense pain and could potentially kill me. 

Autoimmune Disease- Celiac Disease

That all sounds rather dramatic I know, but unfortunately that was the reality that was sprung upon me, following the diagnosis of an autoimmune disease. My life was spun on its head when I discovered I would have to completely alter my lifestyle and be more conscious of what I put in my body. I was reminded that if I didn’t, I would likely develop certain kinds of cancer, end up with a stoma and be much more susceptible to other autoimmune diseases and health conditions. For instance MS, Lupus and Osteoporosis. In other words, if I valued my health I would have to change things and fast.

Of course I did change things. Beyond the biopsies and blood tests. Cutting out all food that contains gluten from my diet was the main thing I needed to do in order to save my health. 

If you didn’t know, Celiac Disease is when people have an adverse Immune response to eating Gluten (and sometimes other things as well). The person’s body sees the gluten as something dangerous and this basically results in the body harming itself, shredding the small intestine in order to combat the Gluten. Often resulting in flattening of intestinal cells, malnutrition and numerous other complications. 

Although it may seem like it right now, this post is not a pity party for people with Celiac Disease. Yes, it can be a hard adjustment to make, and even when eating Gluten-Free, Coeliacs are still likely to come up against health issues in the future. However if you suspect you may have Celiac Disease or if you have it and are unsure where to start. I want this post to be helpful for you. I want to run down some of the best things I’ve learnt since my diagnosis. Things I wish I’d known sooner, and tips and tricks I live by. Here are my Celiac Disease Hacks, on how to live Gluten free and navigate the nasties of this Autoimmune Disease.

Living with Celiac Disease; Celiac Disease Hacks

Gluten-free food can be extortionate. I suppose there is money to be made from people with generally life changing diseases, where there is demand and necessity, there is money to make.

Saying this, I try and keep costs down to a minimum with these simple hacks.

Go shopping after 6pm. Whatever your favourite supermarket is, try going in the evening. This is when all of the gluten free bread and sweet products will be significantly reduced. This is how I often buy my bread and rolls. Instead of paying £3 for a loaf of bread, I pay 82p or something like that. Though it may seem silly, this is a simple way to ensure your health isn’t coming along with a hefty price tag.

Following on from that tip, the downside of food reductions, is often how this means the product is very close to it’s use by date. Unless you have a family of  Coeliacs, it’s impractical to expect to eat a loaf of bread or four GF Blueberry Muffins in the space of 12 hours. This is why my freezer is my best friend. I freeze my loaves of bread and then defrost them under my grill, a couple slices at a time, as, and when I need them. This ensures my 82p bread stays fresh and lasts longer.

Meaning my late night dashes to the supermarket are not in vain.

You’re never too old for a Lunch Box

Another of my hacks is to be a child everyday. By this, I mean you should take a packed lunch with you wherever you go, especially if your day involves going out for a meal or going to an unfamiliar location. It is so difficult to be sure if restaurants can cater to your dietary needs, this is why you should always have a backup of gluten free snacks and non-perishables. This decreases risk of cross contamination and puts the control of your health back into your hands.

Too many times, I have been out for a meal and all I could have was a glass or two of wine. Not always a bad thing but I could have probably done with some gluten-free grub to line my stomach.


This may be obvious, but ensure to read labels for everything and anything. You would be surprised how many unsuspecting food items, are secretly smuggling gluten. The good thing about the UK is they HAVE to announce allergens and ingredients on packaging. There will always be a disclaimer, if there is risk of Gluten or other allergen exposure.

Worth checking religiously.

Invest in your Health

Though I could lecture you all day, I will leave you with one final tip. 

A good way to have access to gluten free databases and Coeliac news and information, is through Coeliac UK. They are a charity that have an app that can help you navigate this gluten filled world. Scan a barcode and instantly know if a food is safe or not. Coeliac UK offer access to their services for as little as £2 a month, which is so worth it. Especially as you also receive a variety of money saving vouchers when you sign up. If you are really struggling for money though, it may be worth getting in touch with the charity.

Coeliac UK will often give access to those struggling to afford their new gluten-free lifestyle. I have just found it to be a super useful resource personally.

Although I could probably continue infinitely with my Celiac Disease Hacks, for now I think I will call it a day. I hope you can take these few tips and implement them to make your life easier. If you don’t have Celiac Disease, I hope you may come away from this post a little bit more educated on the subject.



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