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My Little Queer Dissertation- It’s Alive!

Well I’ve been gone a few weeks and before that I was gone a few more weeks. You can probably blame that on the stresses of completing a degree during a global pandemic. These have definitely been some testing times for everyone, but I’m back and moving forward everything should be more regular again. There is something I want to briefly touch upon regarding these final weeks of university. Something I’ve been quite excited about, which is my all so very queer dissertation. 

If you didn’t know my degree is in English and Creative Writing. My dissertation is the start to a segmented novella, a series of short stories intertwining to build a broader narrative. I’m actually working on adding to my dissertation to create a composite novel. Maybe we’ll see that gracing our local book stores some day soon. Here’s to hoping ?  

I wanted to write about something I’m passionate about and something I have first hand experience of. A simple way to cut out some primary research if you ask me but nonetheless a subject that really motivated me to push forward. Social issues are very important to me, especially as a queer person. I wanted my little queer dissertation to reflect the anxieties felt by queer people, the uncertainty that follows us around on a daily basis.

My piece explores the discrimination faced by queer people in a future where LGBTQIA+ members are outlawed in the U.K. and are hunted for sport. It takes inspiration from Atwood’s A Handmaids Tale and Jones’ Stillicide, two books that I highly recommend reading if you haven’t had the chance just yet. 

I also was lucky enough to work with some amazing queer talent who helped record my stories in a podcast format in hopes of emulating the work of Jones’. But additionally this captured the essence of my piece and highlighted the power of giving Queer people/ characters a voice.

I’m patiently awaiting the grades for my dissertation and final assessments but I can’t lie. It feels sad having finished… especially as graduation is postponed indefinitely. It’s like I’ve done all this work and have not had the chance to celebrate its completion. Of course I understand why these things had to be pushed back. But it doesn’t change the feeling of emptiness that has suddenly arisen from the whole situation. Instead of wallowing about what has been lost I’ve tried to invest time in more effective activities. 

Using this time to learn new skills such as sign language.  As well as trying to further educate myself on important matters. For instance, the injustices faced by black people all over the world.  

My acknowledgments for my dissertation were dedicated to numerous queer people who have died at the hands of hate crime. All losses between the inception of my dissertation (September 2019) and it’s recent completion. A reminder to anyone who reads it, that we have a long road ahead when it comes to equality. This is evermore apparent as the majority of the lives lost are those of Black Trans people. A harsh realisation of the reality the black community face. Another reason why supporting the Black Lives Matter movement is a vital cause we should all support this Pride month. Every month from now on, in fact.

Its important to educate those around you and most importantly educate yourself. As non-black people we are complicit in the injustice faced by black people, if we are not actively combatting it.

Don’t just hear what’s happening around you but make sure you are truly listening and galvanising change where you’re able 

Call me extra, but I am so proud of my baby queer dissertation, I decided to get it professionally printed in hardback. Now I can keep it as a reminder of how far I’ve come. What I’ve been able to achieve thus far despite moments of crisis and feelings of inadequacy.  

If you’re interested in reading my dissertation because you like the sound of the premise or you’re feeling a bit nosey. Please do drop me a message on Instagram or in the comments below. I’ll be happy to email you a pdf copy. All feedback is good feedback after all. 

Thank you for being patient with me, I have some exciting things coming up on my blog. Stay tuned, stay vocal and stay safe.



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