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Gluten Free Subscription Box- Coeliac safe meals delivered

If you know me, you may recognise that I have a love/ hate relationship with food. Sometimes I love it. Other times I hate it! Some days it hates me, and proceeds to tear up my insides like some new age intestinal confetti. But no matter what day it is, it is always nice to have options, especially as someone with dietary restrictions. On a journey to broadening my horizons and making my life easier. I embarked on a short lived Hello Fresh Subscription. One that left me with a sour taste in my mouth. Literally. I soon realised that though these services can be great for people who can eat anything, they definitely were not as practical for people with allergies, intolerances or other health issues such as IBD or Coeliac disease. Thats why today I am reviewing a fabulous alternative. A gluten free recipe service (or a gluten free subscription box if you love it). Good - its Gluten free.

Good- its Gluten Free

Honestly, ‘Good’ is the only Gluten free recipe box that I know of that is 100% Coeliac safe. Actually it’s the only recipe box I’m aware of that is curated with dietary diversity in mind. ‘Good’ focuses on offering easy and tasty meals, some of which mimic some of the gluten filled takeaways that many of us may be missing. For instance the box I settled on was the Gluten free Pub Classics box and of course…. fish and chips had to be involved.

Gluten free Subscription- Pub Classics Box

Gluten free Fish and Chips. This meal is a real chippy tea, with curry sauce, chips and all. I honestly dont think anyone would be able to tell the difference between this and a traditional fish and chips. I can imagine this being a popular reorder for a lot of Fish and chip lovers. The batter was so light, yet crispy. The curry sauce tasted just how I remember too. Which is super rare for Gluten free alternatives a lot of the time. I’d like a bucketful shipped to my doorstep please, pronto.

Bangers and Mash

I know what you’re thinking. Bangers and Mash? A bit simple. Surely they all taste the same? But I’d have to disagree. When it comes to sausages, I for one, am very fussy. ‘Normal sausages’ may be chock full of additives and bulk-ers like bread crumbs and wheat fibre. These sausages of course are full of all the good stuff without having to compromise on the taste.

Potatoes arrived already pre-peeled and cut, ready to be simply boiled and mashed. Something small that really took away the added stress and mess that can rear its ugly head whilst cooking.

And the gravy! I am yet to find a gluten free gravy that has compared in flavour and taste to the one included with this meal. Say goodbye to the days of gravy that resembles salty water and lets greet this top tier gluten free substitute with open arms.

You can also buy these meals individually, without having to order a themed box. So feel free to pick and choose your favourite classics, takeaways or fancies.

Burgers, chips and all your favourite Takeaways

Even the bread roll for the burger meal exceeded my expectations. I have become accustomed to dry and crumbly bread. Rolls that will collapse under the lightest touch. But this was way superior, soft and actually resembled bread.

Though I went for these three meals, there are many more now on offer. For instance, ‘Good’ offer; gluten free Chinese takeaway, pizza parties, nando-esque dishes and buffets for special occasions.

Oh and I cant forget one of my all time favourites, pre-coeliac diagnosis!

They offer KFC-esque feasts with gluten-free fried chicken and all the trimmings. I am yet to try this box but be assured I will definitely be trying it someday soon. It looks and sounds absolutely incredible.

Convenience and value for money

There is usually nothing convenient or easy about having dietary requirements. However I must mention that all of the meals provided by ‘Good’ are suitable for freezing. Which for me meant that I could freeze the second portion of each of my meals to cook at a later date. This three meal recipe box could easily offer 6 meals for a single gluten free’er. Definitely making it worth while when it comes to money and satisfaction.

I’d like to thank Good- its Gluten free, for offering to send me this box for review. It was honestly a delight and I will definitely be a recurring customer in the future.

Before I sign off, I believe ‘Good’ are offering £10 credit for use on their gluten free meals and boxes when you download their free app and create an account. It costs nothing to sign up. You may just find your new favourite gluten free subscription service or recipe box.




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