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Southwest Staycations; A Cottage with Hot tub

It is that time of year when everything is starting to build up. Stress is starting to get on top of you. The cold weather is creeping in, choking us all with grey and keeping us cocooned in the refuge of our own duvets. The promise of the festive period is beckoning, but so is the stress and preparations that accompany it. Sometimes it would be nice if you could just get away for a bit. Escape from the stagnancy of the day to day. But typically it is that season when all of our go to holiday locations, the ones just a stones throw away. Spain, Greece, Portugal! Their weather isn’t looking very welcoming either. There is one thing wanting a holiday away from everything and then it is something else entirely, trying to afford one. That is why I want to highlight some of the beautiful locations and accommodations you can discover. Great prices, gorgeous settings, right outside that window. I recently had a short staycation at a collection of accommodations that offered a Cottage with Hot tub. I’m going to run down some of the benefits of Staycations. Our Cottage features, some advice and other options for your next weekend break.

Living in the South West, Cornwall is a great option for staycations with the variety of beaches, coastlines and hikes on offer. As part of my Birthday celebrations we decided to hire a Cottage with a hot tub. Luckily it was just an hour away from my house. Talk about some budget escapism on our front door step.

Our Cottage with Hot Tub

We stayed in Bridle Cottage, one of the several accommodations available at Kilminorth Cottages. It had everything we needed and I can imagine the facilities could keep a whole family busy during the sunnier months. The grounds offer expansive acres, tennis courts, a swimming pool, cute little picnic spots and woodland walks.

They have a laundrette on site, which doubles up as a library of books, board games and DVDs, that you are encouraged to borrow and enjoy.

There was only two of us this time, but our cottage had enough space for a Family of 5.

If you’d rather venture out to somewhere more lively. There is a woodland walk that leads you to the nearby town of Looe, which boasts arcades, stores and restaurants. If you don’t fancy walking, it is a five minute drive to the quaint town. Alternatively there are several buses that frequent the area.

Recommendations and Tips


We made the mistake of not bringing wellies, it would have been much easier to get around if we had thought to bring some with us. Whether it be walking your dog through the surrounding areas, or following the nature trails, wellies would definitely be beneficial.

Be Prepared

Do a shop before you arrive! Your cottage will be equip with everything you need to cook a slap up meal but as a self catering cottage, you will have to bring the food, drinks and ingredients you require with you. Same can be said for any Cabins or cottages with hot tubs in rural areas.

Our closest shop was probably the one in the nearby town of Looe, but it isn’t the cheapest and if you’re stuck on foot, like we were. It’s probably a good idea you have everything you need ready to go. This way, you don’t have to worry about finding a shop at the dead of night, just so you can have a glass of wine.

It would probably save you some money too, if you did a bigger shop before arriving, especially if you’re Staycation-ing for more than just a couple of days.

Take advantage of the Cottage and Hot Tub

It seems rather self explanatory, I know! But there is something so serine and luxurious about getting away to such a beautiful location and having your own Hot tub facility to top it off. If I were you, I would spend as much time as possible in the tub. Its not something the average person gets to enjoy everyday when they’re at home, so enjoy it, relax.

Even in the cold winter evenings, the hot tub is always a pleasant experience. Spend your nights there. You paid for it after all!

Shop around

When booking our accommodation we used the site Hoseasons, a site with an emphasis on stunning self catering locations, often at a reasonable price. If you’re on a tight budget, I would definitely recommend taking advantage of one of their last minute deals. The beauty of staycations, is that you can often just drive their the next day. Spontaneity is a small price to pay, if it means you can save a boatload of money.

Whether that be somewhere like Cornwall or the Devon countryside or further afield. Wherever you reside, there are fabulous options for you available on Hoseasons.

However, another option for beautiful cabins or accommodations with unique features such as Hot tubs, would be Airbnb. There are always great bargains to be found without compromising on the luxury of your Staycation.

To Conclude

Ultimately, I just wanted to spend a moment to highlight the beauty available all year round. We don’t have to travel to a different country to find great locations, destinations and luxury accommodations to enjoy when life gets stressful.

Check out what beautiful locations are on offer near you. Definitely be sure to keep your eye out for a Cottage with hot tub, I will definitely be doing the same.

I would definitely recommend Kilminorth Cottages as an option for your next venture into the countryside. Especially, if like us, Cornwall is just a stones-throw away from your front door step.


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