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Welcome to Spice World- A Concert Review

Spice World- A Review

Welcome to Spice World! I feel like I’m not allowed to say that I love the Spice Girls. It’s probably because their debut album came out a full year and a half before I was born. But growing up as a little queer boy, in a house with my brother, my mum and the 6th honorary spice girl, my other brother.

It must have been difficult for me to avoid the Girl Power and I have to say I am so glad that I got to experience that. Even if I was a bit late or if I mumbled through the verses of Wannabe because I didn’t know all the words.

We also use to have the Spice Girls video game on PlayStation One, where we’d spend hours on the dance mats, probably driving the neighbours crazy but I loved that game, I used to try convince myself that I looked exactly like the cartoon version of Baby Spice, the resemblance is ….uncanny.

Let’s keep it between us but I also stole my brothers copy of Spice World the Movie a good few times, that was often my film of choice at bedtime. Rewinding the VHS tape every night before bed. That must have been a real inconvenience at the time.

Growing up with their music, whether that be through the radio, within the house, watching music videos on the TV before school every morning. I have to say that I was very excited when the Spice Girls announced that they were embarking on a short but oh so spicy reunion tour.

Fortunately, I was able to get a ticket and I’d like to just run through some of my absolute highlights of the show and my overall experience. I’ll try keep this short but watch me fail.

I’ll start off by saying as an anxious person, I may love the idea of attending concerts but as soon as that day approaches, it quickly becomes the worst decision I have ever made. The stress, the crowds, the noise. It’s an atmosphere I’m yet to get use to, so I was extremely grateful that we had bought seated tickets, in a surprisingly good spot, right by the exit, at the end of the row. This really alleviated some stress.

Spice Girls- Exceeding Expectations

Right, so when I heard they were touring, of course my initial reaction was to get excited but I must say my expectations for production weren’t exactly high. I was kind of expecting a basic stage with four microphones and maybe a couple of dancers to coordinate with the appropriate uptempo tracks. Boy was I wrong.

I honestly was blown away by the pyrotechnics , myriad of dancers and the stage design, especially when the concert started. With the numerous colourful graphics that changed with every song. It truly added to the spectacle of the performance. It wasn’t just some vocals and a backing track, it was a party, an immersive experience.

I got goosebumps as the lights came up and the screens flicked into motion. Opening the show by exemplifying exactly what the Spice Girls meant to so many people, 20 odd years ago, as well as today.









And that for me epitomised the energy that Spice Girls music gives out, doubling down on their already legendary status as gay, feminist & diverse icons. But what really got me, and call me lame, but I actually got a smallest bit emotional. The audience were invited into this safe place that Spice Girls had created for their fans, even if just for a couple of hours, their world without prejudice or hatred. Where everyone was equal and the only differences were the volume of which we all chose to scream our favourite song lyrics.

That kind of statement, opening their reunion tour after such along time away, to me is a strong and resonant move. Looking around me there were young children, who may have only known the music through their parents own love of the girls. Yet they were witnessing an act of acceptance. Which is so incredibly important in a climate vilifying Muslims, victimising people of colour, mistreating women and ridiculing queer people.

I really felt like I was experiencing a movement and it made me love the Spice Girls even more.

[wpvideo iL0XcyNr ]

What I also thought was unique was the LED bracelets that every audience member received. As the night got darker, all of the lights began flashing in time to the music, making constellations of colour and creating a great atmosphere. They also urged everyone in the audience to deposit the bracelets into boxes on the way out of the venue, so that they could be recycled. Spice Girls, saving the planet ? Is there anything they can’t do?

I attended the Bristol date where it was absolutely chucking it down, yet the girls ensured that we were all in it together. Mel B even stripped down to her bra at one point, shouting and trying to ensure she was as cold and wet as we all were.

Okay, okay admittedly it was a cheese fest, but what can we expect from the Spice Girls really. There was some questionable scripted jokes and interactions but at the same time the sentiment still remained heartfelt, especially as the concert wore on.

I couldn’t help but smile; when during Wannabe, Mel B mocked the absence of posh spice, especially as this was the one and only time Victoria was brought up through out the entire set.

Mel B you are shady and I loved every second.

I’m not going to bore you with full on descriptions as I’m sure if you’re reading this, you may have even seen them for yourselves and I hope your experience was as memorable as mine but I am going to touch on my personal highlights.


-The concept & production value; blew me away

-The playful Posh diss; have to love some pantomime drama

-Viva Forever; one of my personal favourites, the arrangement was slightly different to how I remember but this was definitely a highlight.

-Goodbye; again a real favourite of mine. The girls got all fake soppy and Geri apologised for leaving the group all those years ago. Don’t worry Ginger, we forgive you.

⁃ Their message truly impressed me and the strength of the statements made and the evolution of the Spice Girls mantra of Girl Power, still proves to be timeless

Lowlights (That’s a word right?)

⁃ I know it was raining but Geri, please take that bloody rain mac and black Helly Hanson off. I want to see your outfit change for crying out loud ?. I’m sure it was expensive enough.

To close up. I had an amazing time at the Spice World Tour and would recommend that if by any chance more dates are announced or tickets go on sale for a town near you, that you jump at the opportunity. Honestly you’ll thank me later.


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